Sunday, 19 February 2012

The reply girl and reply boy.-subject to edit.

I am sure, by now everyone has heard of reply girls.

The reply girl phenomenon is located, though not exhaustively contained, on You Tube.
The link is to 'The Reply Girl'  one of the more notable reply girls. She has at least five channels.And is the most loathed.

A reply girl is a young attractive woman in a low cut top, with the camera aimed at her breasts.The reply girl videos are based on giving an opinion on a trending news story, viral video or celebrity. 'The reply' in most cases is a simple review, with questionable content, often giving a very simple description of events

.Since they use tags aimed at people searching for these  popular topics, and they wear low cut tops in the thumb nails this means they get very high views.Because they exploit the search terms on YT, and wear revealing clothes and offer no real content they are loathed.Most users of  You Tube to dislike them and accuse them of  wasting their time.

Reply girls i believe is simply evolution in action , never has the term 'nature abhors a vacuum' been more apparent than on the internet. Where already you have a curious world with its own rules, terminology and online creatures. Hackers, both malicious and criminal are the sharks forcing business and public to develop greater understanding of anti virus software and how to operate online. Trolls are like the smaller , vicious fish that trail sharks, feeding of the weaker fish, trimming the herd. Developing a more streamlined , savvy population of users. Reply girls are simply animals that spot a safe spot to feed and burrow and exploit it, displaying colorful camouflage to attract nourishment.

There are women who make clever, interesting videos , yet use some of the tactics of reply girls. One example of this is the internet celebrity Laci Green.  Currently i believe, a law student funding her degree though being a You Tube partner  . She definitely does not make reply girl videos, hers are well researched and edited with entertaining, intelligent content. Yet she does make sure that she wears a low cut top *, and aims the camera at her breasts in every video . This again is just evolution in action, colorful  wings to attract the nourishment.Something advertising, and films utilises all the time.

*she stopped doing this.

There are men who do similar, this time with no ability to attract female views ( in my research women tend to view men who are handsome, play musical instruments, or sing) they adopt the technique of conning,using fake thumbnails and titles alluding to either sex or popular search terms. When the viewer clicks the thumbnail they get, instead, a male reply girl. Or reply boy. Egregious examples of this are:

And SealLongShot.
All reply boys get  the same invective from viewers as reply girls.
Since males do not have breasts  and none of them have good looks, the reply boys have to utilise cunning to get nourishment, in this case mass marketing of fake thumbnails which offer movie trailers, clips from tv shows or popular news items. Instead they offer the same level of banality as reply girls, since their intention is to trick to you to watching their clip. Even for a few seconds to get the view and make money.

I intend to make art on this, the level of  deception reply girls and boys use is used in advertising, propaganda and in the natural world. It is used in literature in the form of metaphors, innuendo and subliminal in movies and music. Albeit on a more sophisticated level.

Thanks for reading. Please leave comments if you have them, id love to hear your thoughts.


  1. Yeah it seems to be as old as time itself. Where there is something to be gained my making you buy, look, etc. There is someone there trying to entice you in 50 different ways to buy, look, etc. at it. All one big con game, but the more you know the more you can avoid falling for such crap.

    1. i must admit to having hurled abuse along with the mob when i clicked on the third link to some movie trailer and got a talking head.Everyone is at it, buy a magazine and you get a third devoted to content, the rest is ads. Tv shows for advertised as an hour and thirty five minutes minus ads. Least the internet allows us fluidity of choice,we can switch loyalty a lot quicker now.

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