Monday, 4 April 2011

Clinton Messalina project.

Rough collage page, to develop the layout for a painting.
Statue of Messalina.

The drawing is available framed. Contact me for details.
I'm interested in the way women are castigated for extra marital affairs or showing sexuality and not men, this double standard led me to research the history of the roman aristocrat Messalina who was notable for her extrovert sexuality. She was heavily criticized after her death and today still is used as a byword for female adultery. While i understand Clinton lost political ground as a result of his multiple affairs he did not suffer the same abuse as Monica Lewinsky and a lot of his behavior was excused as 'good ol' boy' antics. Im think of placing a series of famous men who have had extra marital affairs under the same title of male messalina.
At this stage it is just a photo and general outline, however i may use photoshop to create finished pieces since its in keeping with the manipulation of image that goes on with these events.
17.5.11  +++update.
I'm thinking of making a painting based on Clinton messalina, but having perused  the works of the Pompiers like Bouguereu, i think it it will only work if i can research a painting from that movement which is linked to messalina.

update: 14/6/13
Going through old posts, updating, i will get started on this idea, since it is very interesting, i had forgotten about it tbh.

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