Saturday, 16 April 2011

Live blogging. 16/04/2011.

I will be live blogging a text peice.
Its an examination of the themes of censorship versus creative freedom. In the genre of Adult surrealism ( A/S.) i will be take a critique of the american pornographer Max Hardcore.
The text peice is an overly enthusiastic review of one of his movies and his current incarceration.
' the real reason Max Hardcore is in prison i think, is he got soft. He should have stayed cutting edge. Moved to a country that lets you do good porn!. And not try to go all soft mainstream. I mean, i saw a vid where he actually apologised for pissing on one of his sluts'.

Ive sketched the text in to my moleskin ( see next post) with some breif design amendments. Ill be painting on wood with emulsion pots.

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