Monday, 22 August 2011

The press makes it own lunch. ( yellow journalism)

This peice i think is worthy of further production, both the title and the text peice are intresting explorations of the press need to make a story rather than report facts. It comes from a title in The Guardian on the woman who scolded looting youths in her local neighbourhood in London. The real title was 'The Hackney Heroine- talks about confronting the rioters'. Im quite intrested in how the press makes a meal of a youtube video, making it seem much more important than it is, and replacing this with real hard facts. One could argue that its as a result of lack of funds for decent investigative journalists in favour of cheap tabloid style creations . And the need , in a rolling 'open all hours' news forum, to provide fresh information and content when there isnt any.
This naturally leads editors to veer toward sensationalism and creating a story , building on it like a narrative. In effect they make the news rather than report it, which becomes propoganda based on whoever is in control and their social or political agenda.

With the current investigation in to Rupert Murdochs phone hacking through is tabloid empire we can see the danger of letting one person get too much influence over what we see and hear.
This theme that i intend to expand will answer some of my fears and questions in a digital format, which i am finding increasingly usefull.

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