Friday, 26 August 2011

' Myron' graffitti peice- re-edited 29/8/11

windows paint-26/08/2011
This digital peice is based on the Gore Vidal book and the film Myra Breckinbridge' based on the book. Since a lot of my work is about exploring the nature of language and syllogism it seemed apposite to address and include this work by one of my favourite authors.
The book is about a transexual and is a semi comic satire intended to dissect the counterculture and explore through metafiction ( more apparent  when Vidal was censored and forced to eliminate 'pornographic ' words, cannily replacing them with the names of the supreme court judges who ruled against him) its effects on the ideals of an older generation.

The movie adaptation was an all star cast  but was a flop and has survived only as a non ironic Russ Meyer-esque camp-a-thon.

I  want to further develop the idea of censorship as a means of control  and the lack of thought and hypocrisy inherit in such an idea when it comes to lifestyle between adults .

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