Thursday, 18 August 2011

fat women art not worthy of love.-edited 12.7.13

Digital peice: windows paint 18/08/11
Im intrested in using the immediacy of windows paint to challenge the immediate assumptions of televison, more so now its widely dispersed through the internet. I intend to create a series of these text peices, that will challenge such tropes.
Below is the link to the second piece of art on this theme.

The fat woman not worthy of love trope is seen all the time in the media, she will be a comic punchline, or a figure of tragedy. On no account will she be sexy, sexual, desired or taken seriously. This is not the case for men who are allowed to be flawed and have those flaws seen as desirable traits.

 Carmen Ferrara from the t.v series Popular.
 Conchita from the movie Donnie Darko
Are both examples of American films in which overweight women are depicted as tragic figures their bodies being a source of deep unhappiness, their sexuality treated as monstrous and their intelligence,romantic status depicted as comedic.

However, this may be something endemic to American culture, in my country England we do have fat women as romantic leads, their sexuality is not depicted as something to be repulsed by and they are not marginalised in films or t.v

Vicar of Dibley. The lead character played by Dawn French routinely dates men, and is romantically pursued by men without her sexuality being laughed at .

 A selection of the handsome male leads who pursue the Vicar of Dibley.
The sitcom :Miranda with the lead actress and her characters boyfriend.

The british sitcomes i looked at did not have the lead characters obsessed with food either.

I wonder if it might be an American cultural problem, i shall have to research more on other countries.

Please leave comments, i would love to hear your views on this topic.
Thanks for viewing my work.

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