Saturday, 20 August 2011

'how can she slap?'- the orginal meme i refrenced.- re-edited 29/8/11


1. An element of a culture or behavior that may be passed from one individual to another by nongenetic means, esp. imitation.

I've since discovered the Dadagiri reality tv show was scripted ( which comes as no suprise), all television shows are edited at the very least. The scripting on reality tv shows that traditionally have low standards of  intelligence and  the lack of pretentions to quality  is particularly egregious, with the lowest common denominator winning every time.

The clip itself, edited by its yt channel is disturbing, a woman, one of the hosts, shouts and swears aggressivly at a contest then slaps him. The contestant reacts and slaps her back, the crew rush in and beat him up, or restrain the other host its hard to tell in the confusion of bodys. With no further information as to its origin it becomes just another shocking video of violence once can find anywhere on the Internet.

I had to research the show and hosts to garner its origin and intent, i doubt the people who developed the meme did the same. The video footage becomes a tool, the distance of the viewer from the act, which we can now rewind, stop and edit loses its shock value as it gains its interactivity status.

Memes can have political and social satirical intent , indeed the power of focused ridicule can change social direction in a way proselytising cannot.

Though in the case of  the Dadagiri meme it was intended purely as a temporary internet joke, but the views of the commenters on the video are intresting, showing a mysognism which cannot be explained away as purely testosterone driven  teenage boys.
We know however, from millgrams experiments that anonymity and a freedom to express ones base instincts without fear of punishment or censure means people will often exhibit anti social behaviour. Of intrest is the current idea that when one is allowed to behave morally unchecked the limbic system of the brain, that regulates social interatctions and group behaviour, becomes atrophied. It seems to be a case of 'morality-use it or lose it'.

Im working on ideas that i will be posting shortly to further develop and explore the idea of memes and internet as a passage for these modern phenonemah.

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