Friday, 19 August 2011

how can she slap?.

digital peice combining internet memes of shocking behaviour and linking them to the 'real life' societal abuse both backed  by governemt and media oligarchs. I may have been the only one shocked by the indian show 'dadagiri' but i was  more disturbed by the comments of viewers who took mysoginistic pleasure in watching a woman get slapped or contestants being humilated for a prize. We can link this voyerustic sadism with the replication of the abu ghraib abuse images.
Replicated in the middle east to rouse public support and outrage for the american led invasion and copied and pasted in the west as humerous screensavers and one line jokes on talk shows and blog sites. Im increasingly intrested in wether the distance and anonymity whilst maintaining a user interactivity never seen before ( in terms of the ability to copy, share and edit and comment) means the viewer excercises their worst humanity in sadism not their best ( outrage, campaigning).
Here is a link to the original story of the abuse scandal,  it is a 60 minutes news special.
Also here is another piece i made on the dada giri/ abu ghraib work.

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