Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Online benefacting, or 'e-begging'

Im intrested in the world of online interactivity and how it mirrors our own, people will often invest an immense amount of time in the internet allowing it to dominate and replace real communitys and their social group. The internet, particularly on social interaction forums like YouTube and Blogtv can throw up its own celebritys, who can, and often  do, exploit their celebrity status to engender funding. This is referred to as benefacting or e-begging.

The below link is a somewhat rancerous praecis of what e begging is and how its looked down upon by people who use youtube to promote political or social viewpoints.  Its intresting to see the online community which exsists alongside the so called real world (i heard a youtuber refer to hilariously as 'the meatworld') with similer contrasting agendas and attendant vendettas

One can make money from youtube, and indeed it is  apparently seen as legitamite to become an ad-revenue partner regardless of what you are promoting, even if  entertainment is your only agenda.
However, in my research it is seen as exploitative to ask for money when you wish to spend it on yourself, i find it intresting that our conception of morality extends in to the theoretical space of the internet, where only our thoughts define us.

At this early stage im simply rolling an idea around to see if anything can be created from contrasting online community and social interaction with non online social movement. So ill be posting general themes and topics then re editing them as more information arrives.


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