Monday, 6 May 2013

Fox news 'reporting' on International women's day.Disgusting sexism.

This was actually broadcast it is not a spoof, though it might be hard to believe.It is easy to empathise with  the reaction of  the female journalist when she sees what is being broadcast by Fox to celebrate the achievements of women in 2013.
Why any person would work for The Murdoch family is beyond me, considering it is a news network that actively hates women. This clip being a fairly decent example.
 Deeply sexist.

Please think twice when you buy a newspaper owned by The Murdoch family and please try not to watch any of their news shows.You are supporting deeply racist and sexist broadcasting that has no interest in informing you, but simply pandering to your prejudices and manipulating you in order to increase profit for their business interests and secure political influence.

(edit) i will be making a post on News International's approach to the depiction of women in all its media.

Stick to broadsheets , use critical thinking and be a good person.


  1. Never fear here, I don't watch it or get it near, but that is just plain dumb, bunch of sexist idiots indeed that prob suck their thumb.

  2. This is why I get all my news from the Internet. Either from video bloggers or Reddit.


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