Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Edge of Terror caps.-work in progress.

Young female journalist writing a story on him, cares little for status among her peers.
Quite a philosophical question for a young one.

Status obsessed trophy wife who constantly insults her husband, preying on his neurotic feelings of failure and ridicule.
 Every character in this film has a personality disorder.

Just a rough idea i am working on, a large part of this blog is  ideas in utero. Edge of Terror is an early nineties Spanish horror film, while it is nothing to write home about. Apart from the adorable child actors in it. While watching it with subtitles it became easier to notice an unusual focus in the script on the psychological problems of the characters.
The lead character, a  faded once famous ventriloquist experiencing renewed success,  and his interaction with his younger girlfriend and a female journalist covering his return to stardom.
The ventriloquist was paranoid and neurotic that his fame was instead notoriety and that he was a figure of ridicule, and is subject to abuse from his younger wife, who lets him know daily how he has disappointed her. 
In contrast the journalist writing an article on him has no interest in fame, is dismissive of peer approval and seeks happiness in her professionalism and life outside work.
The film addresses childrens understanding of mortality, familial loyalty and self defeating personalty traits.

Initially, it seems worth looking at in more detail.

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  1. haha like the buffoon remark, there are many of those in real life too. Never even heard of this one though.

    1. Its not a terrible film, just not brilliant but the subtext surrounding the characters of insecurity was interesting.Those who shout the loudest often have the most insecurities. I worked for this woman once, someone walked in to the office when she was having a meeting, i quickly ushered them out. She stopped the meeting and glared at me for five minutes without moving her head. As though it was my fault, but it was pure ego and a child like personality. Half those types of people cry themselves to sleep every night lol. It's amazing how many of them are positions of authority too, their need for approval of others means they seek them out.No wonder the worlds a mess eh?

  2. Replies
    1. It was ok, i mean they had adorable child actors in it in clown makeup, and the acting of the leads was so so. They did have Frederico Luppi in it (think it was him) from Chronos the Guillermo Del Toro film about a grandfather who becomes an immortal vampire (its much better than it sounds).

  3. I am really tempted to watch this now.

    1. I emailed you the link to it, i watched it on a free streaming site, hope you got it.


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