Thursday, 1 November 2012

long absence.

Apologies to all that i have been so delayed in adding to this blog.
Life has been insane and i was finishing my degree and i also got quite ill.

Thanks to everyone who has visited this blog and commented on the art i make as it goes through its stages of progression to a finished end product.

It might be a little while longer before i can post again though.
to the person who complained to google that my site featured pornography i have a message. I do not take insults lightly, i take my inspiration from Cellini.

'When certain decisions of the court were sent me by those lawyers, and I perceived that my cause had been unjustly lost, I had recourse for my defense to a great dagger I carried; for I have always taken pleasure in keeping fine weapons. The first man I attacked was a plaintiff who had sued me; and one evening I wounded him in the legs and arms so severely, taking care, however, not to kill him, that I deprived him of the use of both his legs. Then I sought out the other fellow who had brought the suit, and used him also such wise that he dropped it'.

How about i track you down huh?
I am fairly sure i can do it, lets see if i can and we will see if you want to explain to my face why you flagged my artwork.


  1. Welcome back, hope your getting better, being fecked up sucks big time. What a douche too, if they don't like it leave.

  2. Good to know you're alive, what an asshole!

  3. I agree with Pat Hatt! fool people.


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