Saturday, 11 August 2012

Dr Jocelyn Bell collects her honorary degree with Tesco Burka.

Dr Jocelyn Bell discovered the pulsar a highly magentised dead star that emits immensely powerful radio waves. Here she is accepting her honorary degree form Lancaster University in a Tesco Burka.
I have been using Dr Bell  for a while now, since she faced huge dis crimination as a female astrophysics student in the sixties at Cambridge. And one had the hilarious, though disturbing, situation where her professors preferred to believe her data on the pulsars must be little green men  rather than accept the scientific conclusions of a woman that she had discovered a new astrophysical phenomenon.In fact they held a boys only tree house conference in which they considered destroying her data because of the panic it would cause.

Here she is in a short film (2min) talking about her discovery.
I am always interested in the discussion on religious coverings, since in England this is a relatively new phenomenon from recent immigrants.The discussions one finds promoted by the media are of course the worst type of  yellow journalism. With rent-a-fundamentalists and bigots helpfully shouting down the camera lense at the audience, and little actual information provided. And, more importantly , one hardly ever sees women on the platform discussing this, since this effects them, not men. Will we ever have objective journalism?

I would love to hear other peoples view on face coverings. Thanks if you comment. And sorry for my delays in posting and replying


  1. Covering the face must be terribly uncomfortable. However, I suppose if people do so because of religion, then I guess they do so because they want to. I certainly hope they are not doing so because men in their society expect them to.

    One problem I see from this is other people abusing the face covering to commit crimes so that people don't recognise them. (I think I saw this in a movie once)

  2. A favourite artist of mine is Sidney Nolan - think you might be interested in his Ned Kelly outlaw series. I have a poster of his and the fact you can't see the face and the reasons for this always keep me thinking about it.

  3. That is rather pathetic how they didn't believe her and such, when if some man came up with it they would have easily. And as far as face coverings go, if it is what one wants to do, go for it, but it they need to or are made too, dumb.

  4. I love space documentary shit, I find this post very interesting.

  5. yes such discrimination happens today also in many countries.

  6. I think the whole media portrayal of Burka thing is an interesting study on the modern media.

    Religious freedom? Way of controlling women? Practical way of not having to do your hair and makeup before popping out to the shops...

  7. Nice article, thanks for the information.


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