Wednesday, 20 March 2013

New Updates, probably leaving blog for good.

This is the rough digital of art i am making at the moment.
The themes are fairly obvious,hardly worth explaining.

I am losing interest in blog, this one is getting spammed way too much and i rarely have visitors if at all. In truth i find its interface so annoying, google changes settings so quickly and with an arrogance that i find galling. Really i do have an issue with any company that treats its customers like that, they earn a fortune from selling our personal details, data tracking  and the adverts we are exposed to daily.Apart from me , i use ad blocking software.
Facebook is the same, terrible arrogance toward its customers.

I have more or less swittched to tumblr and flikr. Flikr being a lot easier to use and tumblr more so.

I might come back and post more work,reformat my posts, make the comments section more secure. Perhaps re install the captcha since i am spammed now because of it being disabled.
Who knows...

Thanks for all that did visit, twas' fun while i was here. Even if i had little interaction and was more looking at others work. It was a nice feeling to see people visiting my posts, though i wonder how many of them are real people and how many just spam bots?

If anyone wants to stay in touch i do have a FB which i can link in a private message or not.
Bye , possibly, for now.



  1. Can be a pain with all the spam crap, hate google and facebook too.

    1. Thanks Patt, well im going to try and tidy it up a bit, work on some more interesting posts.

  2. Sorry to hear that, have a good one elsewhere if you can?


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